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Upcoming Work

-Back from alaska. Now in the process of editing. (click for some raw footage)

-Food preparation/Staff training video for new restaraunt opening in November

Still Series


Web Sites Under Development

Synthetic Pictures Custom Pages

MiLLc (MeyersIgnition)

Duane Meyers AIA Architect

ISG Austin (Ikebana Study Group of Austin)

Video Projects

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Series of 5 experimental Super 8mm Films

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get it.
got it.

Silent comedy in the style of old German Expressionism

Series of workouts from "Fit from Home

- A Total Body Workout" Dvd -36 menu Exercise Dvd

Short Documentary on Christo

"Pirate's Song" by Wes Meyers

Pro Handball Exhibition Match (John Bike Vs. Allan Garner)

Super 8mm transfer, and Chaptered DVD

Short Documentary "Gone Home"